• City of Richmond Annual Report


    Objective: The theme for the City of Richmond "One City, Our City" was the main focus of the project. The report focused on the projects promoting growth and development in the city.

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    city of richmond
  • Theatre VCU


    Objective: 2001/2002 Theatre VCU Season. Piece include: 32x54 posters; 11x17 posters; postcard; pocket size; informational brochure; and advertising.
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  • Corgibytes Identity


    Objective: A corporate identity system for a new software development company specializing in web and mobile applications.
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  • 100s Visual Ideas: Packaging & Labels


    Objective: A series of source books for international graphic design students, professional designers and artists.
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  • Bon Secours Health System Community Services Brochure


    Objective: A comprehensive booklet / brochure to promote the services offered by Bon Secours Richmond Healthcare. The project began in 2004 with this the third consecutive edition.
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    bon secours 1
  • Richmond AIGA Give2 Poster


    Objective: Collaborative project to bring awareness to what life would be without design. We were randomly selected to work with another designer in the Richmond area.We met, brainstorm ideas, assigned each other tasks and set off to come up with ideas.
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  • Typographic Performance: bringing the stage into the design process


    Abstract: Graphic design is historically a visual language consisting of text and image composed for the purposes of sending messages in print format. The voice of graphic design is typography— structuring and arranging letterforms into visual language.
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  • Adviser Compliance Associates (ACA)

    images/main/acasecpost main.png

    Objective: Adviser Compliance Associates (ACA), is an SEC Compliance company. The partners wanted to bring a bit of humor into a very serious subject. It, in some ways, matches the personalties of the principals of the company.
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  • Bon Secours Richmond Healthcare Multicultural Services Hispanic Services Brochure


    Objective: A supplemental brochure to compliment the existing Community Services Brochure. This is the first, of many pieces, to be translated into Spanish.
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  • Choice Communications Promotional Brochure


    Objective: A brochure to promote variable data capabilities for Choice Communications, Inc.While beta testing for HP’s newest technology for variable data creation, Choice used their own client base to illustrate the various possibilities for variable data usage.
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  • VCUQatar Islamic Symposium Logo


    Objective: Logo development for the VCUQatar Biannual International Islamic Symposium, November 2007. The logo design was used on advertisements, website, promotional materials and signage.
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    vcuq islamic symposium logo



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