About Us

Chambers Design

Chambers Design is a full service graphic design firm, specializing in publication and print design. Founded in 2001 by Ann Chambers Ford in honor and memory of her father, who died in 1993 of lung caner. We believe design should be fun and playful, allowing for experimentation and exploration.

Philosophy of Design

Graphic design is a powerful form of visual language. It is the visualization of ideas. To be an effective visual communicator one must fully understand the roots of the profession. Studying the history of graphic design and typography, we establish an understanding of the past, and become more effective visual communicators in the present. At the center of all successful graphic designers is focus and determination.

A critical component to a successful graphic designer, is the ability to think visually. Can solve design problems is instrumental to the success of all graphic designers. As we enter the era of globalization and multidisciplinary collaborations, the need for critical thinking skills is even more important.

Experimentation is also a vital part of my design philosophy. By experimenting, with new and unconventional forms, it allows us to expand our creativity. Design methodology is useful in identifying the needs of a client, while discovering opportunity, developing insight and driving innovation toward a solution. Every project begins with a design process, or methodology. By analyzing whom the message is intended will determine how the audience will receive the message. It is then, the message can be crafted and delivered in coherent and effective means. Ultimately, communicating the idea or concept.

Designer is a language or strategy which speaks to the promotion of a product. Communicating the importance and appreciation of design to consumers, requires a steadfast commitment to championing and advocating the cultural understanding and appreciation of design.

Quotes about design

"We need to teach designers to be better readers. Once they respect the text, they'll want to set it well. "
Stephen Coles

"thinking | re-thinking | writing | re-writing"
Philip B. Meggs